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Common Issues Addressed at the Consultation Visit:

  • Follow-Up For Certain Medications
  • Follow-Up Following A Complicated Hospital Stay
  • Asthma Education
  • Eating Disorders
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Sleep
  • Mental Health Concerns, Including (But Not Limited To) Depression, Anxiety, OCD,Substance Abuse, Gender Identity And Self-Harm
  • School Performance
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Constipation
  • Headaches

The Children’s Clinic of Nashville offers patients consultations. A consultation is an opportunity for the physician to have more time with the patient and/or parent or to be utilized as an in-depth conversation about any current issues that fall outside the Well Visit. Consultations are beneficial because they provide more time on the physician’s schedule to engage with the patient. These visits may be attended by the patient only, parent(s) only, or parents with their child.

Benefits of a Pediatric Consultation

As general pediatricians, we value the opportunity to discuss all issues more fully with our patients before a referral to a specialist is made. Many times we can avoid sending our patients to a specialist unless that level of care is truly warranted. We believe in providing a practice that is relationship-centered. This means we take time to get to know both parent and child. We’ve found over the years, this focus on building valued relationships results in better overall health. Call us at (615) 297-9541 with any questions.

Your Neighborhood Pediatrician

Finding the right group of local doctors to work with you and your child can be challenging. At The Children’s Clinic of Nashville, we believe in building relationships with our patients as a way to better serve and improve overall health and wellness. If you are interested in joining the TCCN community, visit our Resources Section for more information about our insurance and new patient forms.


Visiting The Pediatrician

We understand the importance of finding a comfortable medical home for your infant, child, and teenager. We welcome you to schedule a complimentary appointment to meet one of the doctors and learn more about our practice. These appointments are tailored for expectant parents and families that are new to the Nashville area and are looking for a medical home.

Schedule An Appointment

Pediatric Urgent Care

We make it our goal to be with your child every step of the way and understand there are times when sickness or injury happens when you least expect it. We provide our established patients urgent care visits to ensure your child receives the best comprehensive medical care. By offering urgent care visits to our patients, it allows our dedicated team of professionals to continually be involved in the health of your child.


Children’s Behavioral Health

The Children’s Clinic of Nashville transcends more than just primary care visits. We have consultation appointments available when you have questions or concerns that extend outside the typical Well Visit. Our consultations provide you and your doctor more time to discuss what matters to you most and work toward an effective solution.

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