Daycare, camp and schools: should we or shouldn’t we?

We are continuing to monitor the coronavirus pandemic closely as we know you are. As we mentioned in our last email, we are happily returning to our regular hours, but are allowing no walk in appointments. As the city reopens, we are seeing increasing numbers of children who are ill, but to date have not had any COVID positive patients in our clinic. We are excited to see our patients back in our clinic for both well and sick visits, but are committed to doing so in a safe manner. We ask that you continue to call before coming, limit the number of people accompanying your child and wear a mask if possible.

Whether to send kids back to daycare and camps is on everyone’s minds as our city begins to reopen. The CDC has created guidelines (sanitizing protocols, screening employees and kids for symptoms, masks, and social distancing) to which we believe your school should adhere. We encourage families to look into these guidelines, talk to their school and see what their coronavirus protocol is. There is a risk to send kids back to daycare as they will be exposed to other children, teachers and staff.  It is important to consider potential transmission to grandparents and other loved ones when sending a child back to school/daycare.  On the other hand, there are benefits to returning to school such as socialization, behavioral maturation and natural exposure to help build immunity, all important considerations.

We know some families do not have a choice and need their children to return to daycare so that  can return to their jobs. We would encourage families to talk with daycares regarding their protocols, follow the numbers locally, and then decide if going back to daycare is the right decision for your family. At the end of the day, there is risk in going (contracting the disease) and in staying home (ongoing social and emotional isolation.)  We are happy to discuss it with you as you consider the pros and cons of your decision.
As camps and schools are reopening, many people might also be wondering about forms needed to participate in activities.  At this time, we will honor all physicals from June 1, 2019 to now and will complete sports physical forms at your request. These forms may be subject to a small fee. If your school or camp requires an updated school physical now, please call our office and schedule a same day sports physical appointment with one of our nurse practitioners.  It is important to remember that a sports physical does not replace a well visit.  A well visit will need to be scheduled in advance and please remember our clinic fills up quickly in the summertime. 
Again, we look forward to seeing you in our clinic soon! 

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